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Popular forums in Nigeria


Forum is like a medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged.

Toady I brought to you some of the most popular forum in Nigeria

Nairaland: Nairaland is the oldest and most popular forum in Nigeria. It’s about 10 years old now. Currently, ranked as the 4th most visited website in Nigeria. The forum publishes latest news on board from different websites and blogs. One of its uniqueness is it SEO. Pages are fast index by Google in this forum.   With no doubt it has a healthy search engine optimization.

Everyknows: Everyknows is question-and-answer forum where people ask questions that requires live human to answer. The forum covered a diverse range of topics.  Everyknows claim to compensate members who are part of the Partner Program for answering questions. One of the wonderful features of everyknows is that members can follow each other. Apart from being a Q&A website, you can equally use it to add stories and events that link to your blog.

Asknaij: Just like Everyknows, asknaij is newly launched questions and answer forum for people to share ideas. Asknaij has an outstanding UI that makes it platform lively and fun. Members can also post news, share memory as they engaged in a discussion.

Naijanetwork: Naijanetwork is an alternative to Nairaland. The forum publishes latest news on board from different websites and blogs. If you looking for a place to share backlinks, Naijanetwork is another wonderful place to do that. Bloggers and web developers are free to use Naija network forum in promoting their brand.

Naijapals: naijapals is Nigeria social media platform to connect with people. The forum is owned by GISTMANIA. You don’t only create post on Naijapals, but you can as well chat with friends, watch and download movies and follow your favorite authors.  The forum is one the best of it kind.

Peptribe: Yes, peptribe is a wonderful social website in Nigeria. You won’t believe it is a Nigerian that owns that site. The website is more beautiful than facebook. At Peptribe you make new friends, share your thought and also publish blog articles as well.