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Everyknows - A few fact to find out about everyknows


Everyknows is a Q&A website where people ask questions that requires a live human to answer them. Its community of regular users provides answers based on their knowledge or opinions.

The site was founded in 2008, and is based in Lagos, Nigeria.  Everyknows covers a diverse range of topics in technology, government, lifestyles, culture, sports, science, business and many more.

Few months after the website was launched, EveryKnows introduced a new program called ‘The Everyknows Partner Program’. The core purpose of the program was to encourage members for voicing out their opinions about the questions placed.   Members who are part of the Everyknows Partner Program, are financially rewarded based on their number of upvotes . 

How to ask or answer questions on Everyknows
Asking and answering questions on everyknows.com is easy. You must signup before you can answer questions or ask questions.  To ask new question, you make use of the ‘Add Question’ button. While to answer question, you use the ‘Add your answer’ button. On Everyknows, you are free to add answers to questions that already have an answer as long as it’s not a duplicate of the one already added.

 Other things you can do at Everyknows
If you are a blogger or have a website to promote, EveryKnows Event is a great place for you to promote your brand and also add links. The Event platform was created to help other site owners make their brand known to tons of users visiting everyknows each day. To add a blog, click on the ‘Create new post’ after then you will be taken to the page where you will be directed on how to create your own website or blog page.

Amazing Features of Everyknows
Just like Facebook, Quora  and other popular social networks that has the ‘Like and Share’ features where users play a lot with.  Everyknows also integrate interactive likes and share feature for users to express their emotion on questions/answers or blog post. You can also get other feature like the upvotes/downvotes.

On everyknows, upvotes/downvotes is a way to measure how many people approve or disapprove the answer(s) that is in a question.